Chinese Restaurant CHIKUEN

Floor: 2F
Seating: 45 seats+ 3 private rooms (6-10 person each)
Lunch: 11:30-15:00 (L.O. 14:30)
Dinner: 17:00-21:30 (L.O. 21:00)
*Operating hour might change due to maintenance

Authentic Chinese Cuisine by Kin Manpuku "The Flame Sorcerer"

Authentic Cantonese cuisine by renowned chef Kin Manpuku. CHIKUEN is offering authentic Cantonese cuisine you could only find in China. We also offer course menu and party plan for business meeting and family gathering.

Lunch (11:30-15:00)

Guest can also enjoy casual lunch that Kin Manpuku carefully cooked with selected ingredients.

Dinner (17:00-21:30)

Authentic Cantonese cuisine by Kin Manpuku. Private room also available for business meeting and family gathering.

Sweets Menu

To finish the course menu, please enjoy Chinese traditional sweets. Almond jelly or sesame seed ball, and other sweets are available.

Private Rooms

3 room with round table Seats:10 people each (maximum 30 persons by connecting 2 rooms)
Room fee: free of charge

Chef`s profile


1954 Born in Hong Kong. 
1968 Started his chef career at 14 years old.
1976 Hong Kong「鳳凰酒楼 Phoenix Restaurant」Head chef
1987 Hong Kong famous Cantonese restaurant「好彩酒楼 Hochoi Restaurant」Head chef
1988 moved to Japan
1989 Kofu Fujiya Hotel head chef
1992 Shin Yokohama Prince Hotel head chef
1993 Cantonese Restaurant「火考金 Kaokin」Exective chef
2003 赤坂蓬菜倶楽部 Akasaka Horai Club Exective chef
2007 Executive chef at Utsunomiya Tobu Hotel Grande's restaurant CHIKUEN


・"ご家庭大中華 Chinese dish at home"  Recruit Holdings Co
・"本場香港萬福中華 Hong Kong Manpuku Chinese Cuisine" Shufu no Tomo
・"Chinese pans lesson" Sony Magazine


・"郁恵・井森のデリXデリキッチン Ikue & Imori`s deli x deli kitchen"
・"はなまるマーケット Hanamaru market"
・"はねるのトびら Haneru no Tobira"
・"スーパーの女 Super market`s lady" Directed by Juzo Itami